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I want to give my perspective on a question that had plagued me constantly soon after I sold business back in 2015, 7 years after making a living solely from it. This was a shaky time when I ventured on an unknown path.


I wasn't a developer, wanted by every hi-tech firm and startup. I was a marketer, and the nature of being a marketer means your skillset is somewhat hard to quantitate.


I can try and phrase the question that puzzled me back then like this:

We are living in an age of unlimited information, all accessible and right at our fingertips.


YouTube tutorials, Udemy, Podcasts, blogs, bootcamps, Code Academy, Lynda, audiobooks, kindle… The list goes on. You can learn anything you like, without going out of your home.


Yet this is exactly the challenge – how do we cope with so much info, and not get lost and trampled by over information? How do we not get hooked on learning mode, buying more and more products from marketing experts and other gurus?


Getting your email bombarded by **Really interesting**  newsletters, starting a course and never completing it, not having time to invest in learning a course, not implementing anything you learn, reading and listening to more and more ways to make money. There is amazing content out there, created by highly talented influencers, people that I know are smarter than me, how can I afford not to learn from them?


It takes too much time. Something has to give. Your either become a workaholic, become a learnaholic, become someone who can talk but can't do… All the options seem bad.


I chose to take a different path. I filter the amount of information I consume on different mediums. I read the classic. I try to learn from experience instead of from others.


This decision of mine is not without sacrifice. There's probably a TED talk out there somewhere that would have changed my life and improved my workflow. I am willing to let go of this knowledge so as to have time to read, spend time with my kids, go to my improv theatre class, watch TV and so on.


I remember when I first thought about how I was going to spend my day promoting Elementor. How can I divide 9 hours to have the best impact? I started reading one marketer, another marketer, looking for the best strategy. The more I read, the more stupid I felt, the more I felt like I needed to read more.


Then I stopped. Focused on what I was good at (writing for example), ventured doing things that I never did but interested me (making videos for example).


It doesn't matter whether you're a freelancer or employee, you are going to have to filter content, and avoid the temptation of being the perpetual newbie student.


80% should be work, 20% should be learning from others. No matter what level you are at.


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